We represent a group of women in Romania who probably exist in most countries in the World. We are unemployed, like many women in poorer countries, but we WANT to work, and we think we have a lot to offer.

About us

Paulownia Women

We are mostly single-parent families, and have been surviving on social benefits. We are 25 – 50 years of age, and represent…

About Romania

Romania has been chosen as the founding country for this Paulownia plantation project and we are very proud of this. We intend to make…

Agriculture and Forestry

The soil here in Romania is particularly good, and being near the Danube delta, it is very fertile. Actually, this part of…

Our Project

There are two parts to our project. We aim to

  1. support more Romanian women in need by providing meaningful work in rural areas
  2. meet a global market need for responsibly produced hardwood (Paulownia)

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Why Women Matter

We live in a patriarchal society today, which has resulted for one thing, in there being more work for men than for women. We can change this, and we represent a huge, untapped workforce worldwide. Our project is about the empowerment of women.

While we are here to experience life within the system, we feel we have much to contribute. The matrix in which we live was set up many centuries ago to control women, perhaps because we were recognised as the more powerful gender. We give life and create! Most religions were invented to control people, and in particular, to relegate women to second-class status. When people come to their senses, this will change, and the female will prevail (remember that Gaia is female too, and has been suffering a long time, without much complaint before now).

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Congratulations to the women of Romania and to Milda! This is truly inspirational: in one project, you address the needs of unemployed women, the environment and the legitimate hardwood industry.

Ingrid Abildgaard

Bravo to Milda, goddess of love and freedom! This project will bring the freedom to women that they deserve, and help restore local rural communities in Romania.

Julia Stevens

This is an amazing business, and one that could empower many women worldwide. I would have no hesitation in recommending this investment to my clients.


Lucy Griffin

It is great to have a realistic investment opportunity that is secure as well as responsible – I think all people of conscience can struggle to reconcile commercial with sustainable and responsible, but this project really hits all the marks.

David Jenkin

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